Pasha Dance Theater

An Everlasting Tale To Eternity …

We invite you to witness an immortal love story commencing with words of “once upon a time” on the old lands of Anatolia, going through fire and water, and smelling like sometimes spring, sometimes winter.  A young Pasha loves an odalisque with a fairy beauty on the lands where it has being lived for thousand years with its magnificent culture and history, and this love is depicted to the audiences with harmony of sorrow embodied by this dance show. Pasha Dance Theater being a theatrical dance show with a modern interpretation of the regional dance figures, was prepared to play, principally abroad, a love story of a young Pasha and his well-beloved odalisque within a historical frame displaying the Ottoman Empire’s all magnificences.  

Lyric & Stunning…

Pasha Dance Theater invite audiences to involve in Balkan dances in which the most cheerful melodies follows the requiems and Horon which is the dance of the deeply heaving waves of the Black Sea and manful Zeibeks’s steps who are enemy against injustice and figures of Caucus of which the precipitous mountains are ardently swathing in serpentine rivers and warmest oriental of the East and Georgia’s rough steps and whirling dervishes going and coming between sky and ground, God and folk, in brief in this poem which narrates the love of Pasha and young girl with dance. Pasha Dance Theater which brings the Ottomans’ rich culture to the scene is composed of multinational dancers and acrobats coming from Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Cuba.


On love & pursuit from past to now… “Pasha Dance Theater”

The project of which the preliminary preparations took 3 years, has started to play since 2015, after a rehearsal period of 1 year. For the Pasha Dance Theater, it was used 2000 splendiferous costumes and visual effects from approximately 25 regions. Pasha Dance Theater of which original musics were prepared and arranged by the composer, Yücel Arzen, addresses with its dances and costumes not only to the eyes but also with its musics listened in high spirits to the ears. 


This show will turn your special events, tournaments and show centers into unforgettable memories where you and your guests will find themselves taking a journey back in history.